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Cookware and kitchen  PRODUCTS

We've all heard the saying "we are what we eat," yet many people, regrettably, don't think about how they cook their food when choosing what to eat. It is often possible that those decisions and techniques will have a greater impact than the food itself. In addition to spending time teaching you how to make the most of your time in the kitchen while preserving the maximum amount of nutrients, PURA VIDA International has spent time researching the products and procedures. Why not have products that support your health objectives for your kitchen, juicer, cutlery, and storage?

some of our cooking system

Cutlery & Elegant Crystal

Professionals and homemakers alike are aware that using high-quality cutlery will ensure that your cuisine is correctly prepared and served. But not all knives are made equally.

Additionally, dining on beautiful china and crystal adds flavor and sparkle to your home (and also a wonderful gift). When struck, our crystal emits a loud, bell-like tone.
Handmade, mouth blown, and handled over 30 times by experienced artisans.

steam & Sanitation

People in today's society understand how important a safe indoor environment is.

Chemical cleaning agents frequently fail to do their job and present a number of dangerous health risks.

The Pura Vida International can improve the safety of your home or place of business by reducing the dangers connected with the use of harmful chemicals and elevating the standard of steam cleaning, vacuuming, and sanitizing.

Eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals & throw out your mop! Save time, and finally effectively clean. The pressure and steam combined dislodges the dirt and grime and the vacuum picks it up instantly!

The Most Advanced, Revolutionary Cleaning System Taking Vacuuming, Steam Cleaning, and Sanitizing to a New Level

Designed in the US & Italy and made in Italy, Carico’s Sanitizing System combines 4 machines in one:

  • Ultra high efficient water filtration vacuum

  • Dry vapor steam cleaner

  • Sanitizing system

  • Aromatizer


The Ultra – Tech Clean Machine does the following & much more:

Creates Superheated Dry Vapor Steam 318 F / 159 C

The 5.5 Bar Pressure steam helps remove most stains.

A Chemical Free, ecologically friendly, allows homeowners to avoid using any dangerous toxic cleaning chemicals.

The Intelligent Boiler Technology manages the continuous flow of Steam

Aromatizes your home with Carico’s Natural organic oils.

Simply the best all-in-one home care product.

A modern, more effective way to clean and sanitize all surfaces without costly toxic chemicals, unsanitary mops, inefficient brooms, and rags, which spread germs around surfaces.

Using 318°F/158°C of 95% dry vapor steam it will dislodge dirt and grime, inactivate viruses and kill bacteria…Ultra Tech Clean machine is the solution for a healthier home!


9386 HUEBNER RD #102,

San Antonio, TX 78240

210 314 5908
773 349 5906


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