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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality and Water Purity

People will immediately think of water and air when you ask them "what are the most important things for life." It is true that a person can only endure three minutes without air and about three days without water. The Beverage Marketing Corporation estimates that Americans spend $16 billion annually on bottled water for personal consumption. According to the U.S. EPA, indoor air quality poses the biggest risk to human health. These two figures highlight the serious problems with our air and water.

Pura Vida International will take the time to teach you how to make sure the quality and purity of both of these things in your house or place of business.

Point of Use Water Purifier

Carico’s ULTRA TECH “Multi-Stage Filtration Cartridge” utilizes a series of microfiltration devices and special absorbent compounds, strategically layered for complete purification.

Carico’s point of use water system produces the purest water for drinking and cooking. The full spectrum cartridge. 

Our unique submicron ceramic removes:

  • 100% Cryptosporidium (Bacteria)

  • 100% Giardia Lamblia Cysts (Bacteria)

  • 99% E Coli (Bacteria)

  • 99% Salmonella (Bacteria)

  • 99.99% Pathogenic Bacteria

And it will STOP any particles that are 500 times smaller than a strand of human hair.


This custom-blended inner core of activated carbon block and special advanced resins removes:

  • 100% Bad taste

  • Over 99% THM’s

  • Over 99% Pesticides

  • Over 99% Chlorine

  • Over 99% Chloramine

  • 100% Bad odors

  • Over 98% Heavy Metals

  • Over 99% Herbicides

  • 99% Chloroform

  • 96.2% Mercury

  • 98% Cadmium

  • 100% Bad color

  • Over 99% Lead

  • Over 98% VOC’s

  • Over 92% Fluoride

  • Arsenic

  • Sulfides

  • Over 99% Glyphosate

  • Over 92% Nitrates


  • (petroleum and crude oil byproducts)

  • And many more!

Carico’s Systems Remove Impurities, Toxic Chemicals, and More

Carico’s Water Filtration Systems offer a complete line of advanced filters, for protection against contaminants. Carico has a solution for all your points of use, shower, bath, and kitchen with an exceptional Warranty available.

Carico’s complete line of innovative filters and purifiers deliver pure water wherever you need it. They fit everyone’s needs and budget, whether you own, rent or live in a large or small apartment or house. Our systems are the right solution for your kitchen sink, refrigerator, bathroom or even your entire home.

  • USA Made

  • Simple to install

  • Easy to maintain

  • Do not take up valuable kitchen counter or under counter space

  • Constructed of long lasting food grade stainless steel.

  • Do not require electricity

  • Do not waste water during its purification

  • Effectively removes a long list of contaminants including but not limited to chlorine, round up and lead

  • Produces purified water on demand; no need for unsanitary storage tanks

Enjoying Clean Water
Weekend Family Bonding
Listening to Music

What they say about Nutri-Tech air Purification sysyem


Carico’s Nutri-Tech Deluxe Air Purification

The only system that offers 10 stages that utilize 5 advanced technologies to address the 3 major contaminant groups affecting indoor air quality.

Carico’s air purification systems removes odors, and particles up to 5x smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

Carico offers the best warranty in the industry, including our Lifetime Hazard Warranty.

Everyday we breath 17,000 times, numerous studies show that purified air:

  • Improves brain function

  • Improves concentration

  • Boosts learning abilities

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Gives a sense of happiness and improves attitude

  • Removes inanimate dust-mite matter, or allergens from non-living sources, non-living matter.

  • Helps your immune system



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